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Bravi Radio

28 Aug

bravi-radiojon avatar


This month we have launched BRAVI RADIO

You can hear the station on Mon/Wed/Fri at 2pm in (Brazil Time)

The channel was set up and organised by Laura C and Vitor B, with extra help from Bill, Milton and Gabriel S and is a fun mix of music, jingles, news and interviews.

If you would like to appear on one of the more popular shows such as `The Hot Seat` or `Desert Island Discs`just get in touch with me here at Bravi.

Happy listening!




Orphan Black – Review

28 Aug

Maycon Bezerra

by Maycon

Hello people!

I haven’t written for this blog in months but now I’m here to describe one of my best experiences in terms of TV series at the moment.

The chosen one is Orphan Black, which is Bill’s recommendation… and I’m loving it!

orpahn black

Orphan Black is a Canadian science fiction series created by Graeme Manson and produced by Temple Street in association with BBC America.

Note: There are no spoilers here, OK?

Let’s talk about it!

The series begins with our protagonist, Sarah Manning, witnessing a woman, Beth Childs, who seems to be her twin sister, committing suicide.

Sarah takes on Beth’s identity and occupation as a police detective after Beth’s death. During the series, Sarah discovers that she has more twin sisters that were originated from a mysterious cloning research.

Unfortunately, Sarah will not have an easy life after taking Beth’s identity. She’ll be facing a lot of troubles and she has a mission – to protect her sisters and her daughter, Kira.

All the clones should be sterile by design but Sarah isn’t, and because of that, a mysterious evil corporation is after her.

In terms of acting, Sarah and all of the other clones are played by Tatiana Maslany. She is an incredible actress. It seems there are different people playing each clone, even when one pretends to be another, we can notice that is a clone pretending.


Sounds complicated? You`ll have to see it to believe it.

That’s all folks

Public Transportation – Japanese Reporter

25 Aug

André Sato

by Sato

According to wikipedia Tokyo has one of the biggest rail systems in the world. You can literally go to any place in the city by public transport.It is by far the fastest way to reach any destination, and the most reliable one. They have so many lines you can easily get confused when choosing the lines you need to pick up to go from one place to another:

The metro map

The metro map


The railway map

The railway map

So how you can find the best route? Piece of cake. There are several mobile apps, or web pages that do that for you. And the best thing is that the arrival time of the trains are very accurate so you can schedule transfers(norikae) between lines very smothly.
You can use this site:
Or this other one if you know how to read Japanese:
There are many other more sophisticated sites/applications that you can even setup your walking pace so it calculates the time from the distance between the stations, and also the distance until your final destination in the map, like in google maps, just search to find one that is most suitable for you.
The public transportation is a very serious business in Japan. They are very strict about the time. One proof of this is the train delay certificates(chien shoumeisho). It is a certificate given by the rail company usually when the train is delayed by more than 5 minutes.
Typical train delay certificate

Typical train delay certificate

Nowadays you can also download from the internet, avoiding paper wasting. This is used to justify arriving late at work or any appointment, and it will be accepted as excuse without any further questions.
Those delays, by the way. in rush hours can cause some the famous scene of the train staff pushing the passengers inside the wagon.

There is always space for one more!
You can go to almost any place in Japan by train, it is very convenient, reliable and in most cases comfortable. If you ever go to Japan, don’t miss the wonderful experience of getting a ride on one of their railroad lines!
乗り換え – norikae – transfer
遅延証明書 – chien shomeisho – delay certificate
電車 – densha – train
地下鉄 – chikatetsu – subway/metro
切符 – kippu – ticket
駅 – eki – station

Interesting sports – A curious type of rugby

24 Aug


by Pamela

Following my posts about weird sports, this time I’ll talk about an interesting version of Rugby. I found out about this sport last week, when a friend who plays in my old team shared it with the words “This the strangest rugby version I have ever heard about”. So I thought, why not..?

Have you ever imagined that someone would have the brilliant idea to play rugby inside a swimming pool? Well, somebody did. The Underwater Rugby was born on Germany, in 1960 and nowadays it is a recognized modality, part of The World Underwater Federation.

The sport is played inside a swimming pool with a depth of 3.5m to 5m and variable width and length. A blue and a white team, each with 6 players, play for 30 minutes, split in two times of 15 minutes each.

The teams score “goals” instead of “tries” and the ball’s shape is similar to a soccer one. Despite that facts, the name rugby suits the sport because of the huge amount of physical contact on it. The teams have to cross the pool with a ball fulfilled with saltwater, passing it in any direction but without letting it leave the water. The points are scored by putting the ball into the adversary goal (heavy metal buckets with a diameter of about 40 cm) at the bottom of the swimming pool.

On the first week of August, the X. CMAS UWR World Championships took place in Santiago De Cali, Columbia. The ladies from Germany have overcome Norway at the final, being the best among seven teams from all over the world. The men from Norway had more success, defeating Germany and winning the gold medal which was disputed by a total of 12 teams.

Neither England nor Brazil participated in the competitions.


If you are interested, look for some videos and you will see it’s even funnier than you thought!

Movie Review – Despicable Me 2

21 Aug


by Laura

Hi folks, it’s movies time!!

A few days ago I decided to re-watch Despicable Me 2 because it was being recommended for me by Netflix. I love animation and as the new movie about the Minions just came out, I thought it would be a very good way to finish my day.

So, in this sequence from Despicable Me, we have a former villain, Gru, trying to adapt to his new life as a single parent of 3 girls. Along with his Minions, Gru cooks, educates, plays, and dresses like a princess in order to please Agnes, Margot and Edith.


Although Gru isn’t a bad guy anymore, others are taking his place and because of that the AVL, Anti-Villain League, comes to light. The AVL is a top-secret organization that is dedicated to combating super-villain activity. And impressed by the action of an unknown villain, the league ask Gru’s help to catch this bad guy.

Homesick for his action-packed life, with a lot of guns and experiments and inventions, Gru decides to help the AVL. With this decision he also gains a partner, Lucy Wilde, a very curious woman that will give you plenty of laughs.


And of course,  we can’t forget the Minions! Again, with their yellow colour, their strange language, different costumes and dances, they provide the best moments of the movie and also the success on Gru’s mission.

Personal opinion: Well what can I say… I love animation! And I loved the first Despicable Me. And I was pretty sure that with this sequences would be not different. This is a film for the whole family: there is action, there is love, there is comedy! One more time the Minions were responsible of natural laughs even more because of some new costumes that the used in this film, like the maid costume. So cute and so funny! I’m anxious to watch the movie dedicated to them… I already had a great time watching the trailer.

So, if you want to spend some time with some funny stuff, Despicable Me 2 is a great option. (ps: I totally recommend you to watch Despicable Me first, because you will get the sequence story more easily 😉 )


To hell with that childlike sense-of-wonder crap: Despicable Me, instead of trying to return adults to a false state of innocence, reminds us that we all started out as ill-mannered little savages.”Movieline Stephanie Zacharek

Learn Brazilian

14 Aug


By Diego


Lit. friend of the jaguar.

  • A supposedly good friend, but actually one who is false and hypocritical.

Que amigo-da-onça que você é!

A fine friend you are!

Amigo-da-oncaHyphenated, compound nouns like amigo-da-onça sometimes form the plural by putting the first word only in the plural. So…

Amigo-da-onça – plural – amigos-da-onça.

Pai-de-santo – Lit. father of saind – or mãe-de-santo – Lit. mother of saint – male and female high priests in Umbanda and Candomblé religions

Plural: pais-de-santo and mãe-de-santo.

The basic rules for the plurals of compound nouns are as follows:

  • Only the first word takes a plural when there is a preposition between the words. For example:
    Pé-de-moleque – Lit. young boy’s foot  – peanut brittle candy.
    Plural: pés-de-moleque – peanut brittle candies.
  • Both words take a plural form when the separete parts are different and can stand alone. For example:
    Segunda-feira – Monday
    Plural: segundas-feiras – Mondays.
  • Only the last word takes a plural form in the following two cases:
    1. When the first word is a verb. For example:
      Beija-flor – hummingbird
      Plural: beija-flores – hummingbirds.
    2. When the first word cannot be changed or when it is a prefix. For example:
      Abaixo-assinado – signed petition
      Plural: abaixo-assinados – signed petitions
      Ex-govrenador – ex-governor
      Plural: ex-governadores – ex-govrenors.

Cricket Time!

13 Aug


by Danilo

Hello Everyone!

Danilo here to bring you the latest news on cricket.

England has regained the ashes! I repeat, England has regained the ashes!

If you’ve been following my posts, you must know the ashes are a series of 5 matches.
Last week England and Australia battled for the fourth time in the series at Trent Bridge, Nottinghamshire. England won the first and third matches and they needed a victory to regain the ashes and they didn’t disappointed. What a match!
I’ll tell a little bit about what happened.

England won the coin toss and decided to bowl first and something magical happened. Australia was dismissed for 60 runs in just 111 balls. It was the shortest innings in a Test match in history.
Stuart Broad took five wickets from 19 balls, the fastest five-for-in in history, he’s at the top with E. Toshack from Australia, 1947 at the Gabba.
Australia was out before lunch and England started batting. On day two, England declared on 391 runs for 9 wickets, it was time for Australia to bat again. With a target of 331 runs just to even the score, they had much (a lot of) work to be (get) done, but England bowled so well that they didn’t stand a chance. Australia second innings ended 253 all out and England beats Australia by an innings and 78 runs securing the ashes.

Here’s a link to a Recap of what happened – 3 min long.

Highly recommended for people who wants to improve their listening skills 😉

Next and final match will be held at The Oval, London next Thursday, stay tuned.

See ya!