Interesting sports – A curious type of rugby

24 Aug


by Pamela

Following my posts about weird sports, this time I’ll talk about an interesting version of Rugby. I found out about this sport last week, when a friend who plays in my old team shared it with the words “This the strangest rugby version I have ever heard about”. So I thought, why not..?

Have you ever imagined that someone would have the brilliant idea to play rugby inside a swimming pool? Well, somebody did. The Underwater Rugby was born on Germany, in 1960 and nowadays it is a recognized modality, part of The World Underwater Federation.

The sport is played inside a swimming pool with a depth of 3.5m to 5m and variable width and length. A blue and a white team, each with 6 players, play for 30 minutes, split in two times of 15 minutes each.

The teams score “goals” instead of “tries” and the ball’s shape is similar to a soccer one. Despite that facts, the name rugby suits the sport because of the huge amount of physical contact on it. The teams have to cross the pool with a ball fulfilled with saltwater, passing it in any direction but without letting it leave the water. The points are scored by putting the ball into the adversary goal (heavy metal buckets with a diameter of about 40 cm) at the bottom of the swimming pool.

On the first week of August, the X. CMAS UWR World Championships took place in Santiago De Cali, Columbia. The ladies from Germany have overcome Norway at the final, being the best among seven teams from all over the world. The men from Norway had more success, defeating Germany and winning the gold medal which was disputed by a total of 12 teams.

Neither England nor Brazil participated in the competitions.


If you are interested, look for some videos and you will see it’s even funnier than you thought!

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