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Bravi Radio

28 Aug

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This month we have launched BRAVI RADIO

You can hear the station on Mon/Wed/Fri at 2pm in (Brazil Time)

The channel was set up and organised by Laura C and Vitor B, with extra help from Bill, Milton and Gabriel S and is a fun mix of music, jingles, news and interviews.

If you would like to appear on one of the more popular shows such as `The Hot Seat` or `Desert Island Discs`just get in touch with me here at Bravi.

Happy listening!




Tribalingua 2014 blog review

13 Jan

2014 annual report for the Tribalingua blog…

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Andrew Morris… life as a second language learner (part one)

6 Nov


by Andrew

Hi I am Andrew and, like many British citizens, my experience of trying to learn a new language has been plagued with failure. At school I remember never enjoying language classes in French and German… it`s just an experience that you try and forget.

You fell into two camps basically. Either you were amazing and became fluent or the education system just didn’t seem to work for you. I was in that second camp, and even though I have learned to program in .net, foreign language success has failed me.

It’s funny the few moments that stick with you though your life. Mine revolve around my family holidays to France. As a young boy we would go to euro camp, and one summer I met a young French girl, and as an 8 year old this was my most amazing life experience, and somehow we started to communicate between languages. I would say `this object in English is a chair` and she would then say `In French this is chaise`

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Classic April Fool from 1957

1 Apr

Bravi…. First Impressions!

29 Jan

Vitor Alanoby Victor

Hello people.

I am completing one month at Bravi Software. So I had the idea to share with all of you my First Impressions of Bravi. To improve this post, I asked the others new guys to write their First Impressions too.

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Monthly Update… Charpenings

28 Jan


Happy New Year folks!

December was a support sprint month for ChaRpenings. Mauricio and Rachael were on holidays whilst Bruno and Vanessa were having fun with a big amount of bugs 😀

During Rachael’s holidays Nick  has helped us with testing. Thank you Nick!

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Rodrigo Wirth`s World Cup countdown

9 Jan


Hi friends, welcome to 2014, the Brazil FIFA World Cup year.

As you know this year will be special for us Brazilians. We will be welcoming people from all over the world to watch very good matches between the best national teams of the world during the tournament.

Today I wanna show you our mascot, its name is Fuleco.

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