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Mountain Bikes and Racers

19 Feb


by Wirth

Hi there, today I’m going to talk about some types of bike. The most used kinds are the mountain bike and the racer. 

Nowadays the mountain bikes are the most common. Their biggest advantage is that they can be used in a wide range of ways, for example in a park, on a highway or on a trail.


Racers are speed bikes for specific people. With slim wheels, they only go well on good streets. They are used in competitions, not by people who want only to ride for fun.


Let’s ride! 🙂


What do we need to start riding a bike?

5 Feb


by Wirth

Hi there,

This year I’m back to riding a bike. I really like it but last year I almost didn’t have the chance to ride much. I thought I’d write a couple of post about this incredible sport.

Today I want to show the basic things we need to start riding. First of all you`ll need to decide the kind of bike you`ll use. Basically we have to decide between a Mountain Bike and a Racer. We’ll talk about their differences in the next post.


Besides the bike we need a helmet, a special shirt and a bottle of water. A smartphone with a tracker app is useful to analyse your performance and your progress.


On yer bike! 🙂 Bye!