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Cricket Time!

13 Aug


by Danilo

Hello Everyone!

Danilo here to bring you the latest news on cricket.

England has regained the ashes! I repeat, England has regained the ashes!

If you’ve been following my posts, you must know the ashes are a series of 5 matches.
Last week England and Australia battled for the fourth time in the series at Trent Bridge, Nottinghamshire. England won the first and third matches and they needed a victory to regain the ashes and they didn’t disappointed. What a match!
I’ll tell a little bit about what happened.

England won the coin toss and decided to bowl first and something magical happened. Australia was dismissed for 60 runs in just 111 balls. It was the shortest innings in a Test match in history.
Stuart Broad took five wickets from 19 balls, the fastest five-for-in in history, he’s at the top with E. Toshack from Australia, 1947 at the Gabba.
Australia was out before lunch and England started batting. On day two, England declared on 391 runs for 9 wickets, it was time for Australia to bat again. With a target of 331 runs just to even the score, they had much (a lot of) work to be (get) done, but England bowled so well that they didn’t stand a chance. Australia second innings ended 253 all out and England beats Australia by an innings and 78 runs securing the ashes.

Here’s a link to a Recap of what happened – 3 min long.

Highly recommended for people who wants to improve their listening skills 😉

Next and final match will be held at The Oval, London next Thursday, stay tuned.

See ya!


Book Review – Sharp Objects

7 Aug


by Max

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

In my last trip to Londrina, my hometown, I finished reading the most difficult book I have ever read in English: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. It was the most difficult because there were a lot words, really a bunch of them, that I have never even seen before. Even with a load of new words I could understand the whole story without any problems. Actually, it was a bit difficult at the beginning. But after some chapters I got the book’s flow and each chapter became easier than the one before. The amount of different words was the same, but it was getting easier to keep reading the book and the story was making me curious to find out the ending.
The story is about a girl, actually a woman, that was around 30 years old. Her name is Camille Preaker and she leaves in Chicago, USA. She is criminal newspaper journalist and she works in a small newspaper company. At some point in time there are some serial murders occurring in her hometown, Wind Gap, and she travels there to write an article about what is happening there.
During the whole book she investigates a load of people, trying to find out who is the murderer and why he/she is doing such horrible things. Also, during the time in her hometown the story describes how the relationship with her mother (Adora) is not good and tells how her sister died young and how her mother was always taking care of her during illnesses. In the mean time, the book also describes how her other half-sister Amma, 13 years old, is popular there and the different personality she has.

In case you would like to read this book, I suggest you stop reading from on, because I am going to tell the story’s ending.

Camille finds out her mother was responsible for her sister’s death. Actually, her mother tried to do the same with her and was also trying to do the same with Amma. She had a serious psychological problem that she only felt loved useful when a child was sick. The feeling a child has when it’s sick, to need being cared for made her feel like she could do anything. She would even give force medications to get her children sick and worst everyday. The need for this weird feeling was so strong that she could not stop giving those medications to her children until their death.

Her mother was not the serial killer, though, that was her sister. Because of her mother’s mental condition, her sister also developed a serious psychological problem. She had the need to be the center of attentions. If someone was important to her, like her mother, was taking care of someone else or paying more attention someone else other than her, she would anything to get the focus back to her. She would even be willing to kill that person. And that is what happened to those poor girls: they had more attention at some point in time and her solution was killing them.

When the murders were solved, both her mother and sister were arrested and Camille had to write about it. What makes it even worst is that she had to write about her own family murder stories…

Brazil through gringo-eyes: The mother of all traffic jams

30 Jul


by Kristof

Yes, the traffic situation in Florianópolis could use some improvement, to say the least. Most of the important transit roads between the various areas of the city are narrow, often with only one lane in each direction. On top of that, there are little or no alternative roads you can use when traffic on the main road is getting exceptionally bad. The city’s population has been booming in the last decade, especially with those gringos moving in from all over the world and ruining the place for us manezinhos. The transit system is not built to deal with this kind of population growth, which results in a lot of traffic-related frustration.

It may be a small consolation, but things can always be worse. Traffic in my own home country isn’t too great either: roads are often in a poor state, various long-lasting road works and deviations can turn your morning commute or a simple trip for an afternoon of shopping into an ordeal that will leave you stressed and frustrated. The ring road around Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city has been a problem area for decades. With several highways coming together, it’s a major traffic hub for Belgium and neighboring countries and the road just doesn’t have the capacity to handle the flood of cars and trucks during peak hours. Add this to the fact that the ring isn’t actually complete (it’s open on 1 side!) and it makes the whole thing a bit shameful.


A few weeks ago, however, things really got out of hand. It was a long weekend with some sunny weather predictions, so it was an ideal weekend for a trip with the family. The already existing problems combined with the increased traffic and road works – that were inexplicably done during the day, instead of at night – that closed off 3 of the 4 lanes, created the perfect storm of traffic chaos. Many tourists from the Netherlands and Germany as well as Belgium had to pass by Antwerp on their way to the coast or other holiday destinations and ended up stranded in traffic for up to 3(!) hours. As the day progressed, people started to become dehydrated. Some started to feel unwell or even faint. Emergency services were called and ambulances were sent to help the people in need. The Red Cross also tried to distribute water. Tried, because even that went wrong: As more and more cars joined the traffic jam, people found nothing better, but to use the emergency lanes, effectively blocking them for the emergency vehicles they are meant for. It was reported that it took an ambulance almost 45 minutes to reach a person in need.

So, you can see a bit of slow traffic on Beira-Mar Norte isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Next time you’re in stuck traffic in Florianópolis, try not to get wound up too much, but instead remember this heartwarming story and sigh with relief that you’re not stranded for half a day on your way to some relaxing destination, with your whole family crammed into hot and small car, while your children are complaining that they’re hungry and thirsty and your grandmother starting to feel faint and you have to wait 45 minutes for anyone to come give her some water, because the car next to you decided it was ok for him to use the emergency lane. And if that’s not enough to relax you, you can turn your head 90 degrees and take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunset behind the mountains on the continent.



Cricket Time!

8 Jul


by Danilo

Hello folks!

It’s summer in UK and that means: Cricket!
The cricket season started a few months ago, but this season is not just any season.

braceThat’s right, The Ashes started today at 7 am BR Time, the venue: Swalec Stadium, Cardiff city, Wales.
The last competition in 2013 went badly for England, ending in a 5-0 loss to Australia or a whitewash as it is called. Now, two years later, they’re playing again in England for the first series of 5 matches. The second and final series will be held in Australia during their (our) summer.
Will England get their revenge on last ashes whitewash? We’ll see.

More info on the topic on
See you later folks!

P.S: If you know jack about cricket and didn’t understand a thing about this post, check this out:

Interesting Tools for Writing : Hemingway App

22 May


by Well

Hi writters! Have you read a big, boring and dull article yet? That kind of article which makes you tired? Normally written by Well (I hope not)? Moreover, looking at the positive side, do you know those articles which are pleasant, that get your attention and make you want to keep reading?

I bet the answer is yes for all the questions, apart from the articles written by Well. I am here to help you to write the latter type of texts. Meet the Hemingway App.


In short, let’s use their own words: “Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.” Their idea is pretty simple but it has a really good feature.

Basically you write (or copy) your text in their editor in the Write tab section:


and when you want to check your writing, check the Edit tab section. It will colour your text according to its issues. To show you the app working, take a look at their site explanation (pretty cool, isn’t it?).


Having shown their own explanation, I put the first sentence of this post to the test and this is the result:



That is it for today and I hope it helps you. Give it a try! And I am eagerly waiting for new posts…

Movie’s Review: Lucy

14 May


by Laura

Hi folks, it’s movies time!!


Quick question for you: have you ever thought about what kind of power would we have if we used more the 10% of our brain capacity? How intelligent would we be? What could we do with such capacity?


Interesting isn’t it?


Well, we have a movie to illustrate this kind of situation.


Lucy is a  science fiction action film that takes place in a world controlled by the mafia and surrounded by drug addicted people, corrupted cops and gangs.
The name of this movie came from her protagonist, Lucy (played by Scarlett Johansson), an american woman who lives and studies in Taipei, Taiwan.




Tricked by her boyfriend, she ends up working as a drug mule for Mr. Jang, a Korean mob boss and drug lord.  She is captured and a bag of a new synthetic drug, called CPH4, is forcibly sewn into her abdomen. While in captivity, waiting for a travel to Europe, Lucy is beaten by one of her captors, with a lot of kicks in her abdomen and the bag of drug breaks.



With a large quantity of this drug in her systems, Lucy increases her physical and mental capabilities, such as telekinesis – ability to not feel pain and super strength. Aware of these changes, she kills her captors and escapes. Lucy runs to an hospital to remove the bag of drugs from her system and discovers more about the drug: it is a pregnancy substance given to fetuses during prenatal development. However, in large quantities, it can provoke serious consequences to an adult human…


So Lucy starts searching the Internet about her condition. She gets in contact with Professor Samuel Norman (played by Morgan Freeman),  a well-known scientist and doctor whose research is based in neuroscience and the possibility of expanding the brain’s capacity.




As time passed, Lucy became more aware of her skills and the progressive expansion of her brain’s capacity. She decides to meet Professor Norman and help him in his research while she still has time. This meeting will not be easy, since Mr. Jang and his gang are running after Lucy to retrieve their product.


With a lot of action, fights, destruction, Matrix-like movements and an interesting perspective of what we would be capable of if we could use more of our brain’s capacity, Lucy is a very good movie. It captures your attention from the beginning until the end.




Personal opinion: I really enjoyed watching this movie. I wasn’t expecting much of it and I hadn’t seen the trailer before, so I didn’t know what it was about. It is a science fiction with a different theme from the usual – like aliens or super-gifted heroes. Mixing the subject of the movie with science and giving it a pinch of reality, where the brain capability could be expanded by a synthetic drug, it makes you think “Well… what if someone is already researching something similar to it?”. This kind of situation is more real then aliens invading our planet, you know what I mean?
Yeah, really good movie and with an amazing work done by Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. I totally recommend you to watch it.


“A full-out action movie – and a sober rumination on the nature of existence. It is both things, effectively and sincerely.” – San Francisco Chronicle








Distraction Free – Writing Like a Boss

3 Mar


by Well

You know that moment when you start feeling like a novel writer, which might make you start winning millions of millions after writing a sequence of books? Have you imagined that you could be writing:

  • the next Lord of The Rings or Bracelets or Necklace
  • the new Harry Potter, this time an American or Brazilian version of this young boy
  • or even the 50 Shades for a different color

Well, it turns out that I know what is holding your back from becoming the next millionaire writer. You start writing and, lo and behold, notifications show up from every possible place, comments are getting your precious attention. Anything else seems more interesting and you’re already holding it off, procrastinating until, well, sometimes until February 30th.

Thus, I am here to introduce you to the free pass (there is also a paid version) for your creativity’s freedom and the harmless art of writing. I can’t ensure you will be one of the next wealthy and biggest writers I have described before, but I am pretty sure you will make Tribalingua happier by doing that.

Without further ado, I introduce you FORCEdraft.



FORCEdraft is a pretty simple application, with a good idea within it. It allows you to create new or open old drafts and start from there.


Basically it blocks everything in your computer until you complete a word goal, time limit, or you ask politely for the app to stop.



Having shown that, I got to say that you have no more excuses when asked to write a text, blog entry or whatnot. Just open the app and release your mind from any distraction (you still have to keep your smartphone away) and just write.

I really hope it helps you to improve your writing, your creativity and your focus.

This app was brought to my attention by William Grisa, so credits for him for spreading the word.

To conclude, just another motivation if getting rich is not your aim in life, check this link Harness the Mental, Creative, and Emotional Benefits of Regular Writing out.