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Interesting sports – A curious type of rugby

24 Aug


by Pamela

Following my posts about weird sports, this time I’ll talk about an interesting version of Rugby. I found out about this sport last week, when a friend who plays in my old team shared it with the words “This the strangest rugby version I have ever heard about”. So I thought, why not..?

Have you ever imagined that someone would have the brilliant idea to play rugby inside a swimming pool? Well, somebody did. The Underwater Rugby was born on Germany, in 1960 and nowadays it is a recognized modality, part of The World Underwater Federation.

The sport is played inside a swimming pool with a depth of 3.5m to 5m and variable width and length. A blue and a white team, each with 6 players, play for 30 minutes, split in two times of 15 minutes each.

The teams score “goals” instead of “tries” and the ball’s shape is similar to a soccer one. Despite that facts, the name rugby suits the sport because of the huge amount of physical contact on it. The teams have to cross the pool with a ball fulfilled with saltwater, passing it in any direction but without letting it leave the water. The points are scored by putting the ball into the adversary goal (heavy metal buckets with a diameter of about 40 cm) at the bottom of the swimming pool.

On the first week of August, the X. CMAS UWR World Championships took place in Santiago De Cali, Columbia. The ladies from Germany have overcome Norway at the final, being the best among seven teams from all over the world. The men from Norway had more success, defeating Germany and winning the gold medal which was disputed by a total of 12 teams.

Neither England nor Brazil participated in the competitions.


If you are interested, look for some videos and you will see it’s even funnier than you thought!


Cricket Time!

13 Aug


by Danilo

Hello Everyone!

Danilo here to bring you the latest news on cricket.

England has regained the ashes! I repeat, England has regained the ashes!

If you’ve been following my posts, you must know the ashes are a series of 5 matches.
Last week England and Australia battled for the fourth time in the series at Trent Bridge, Nottinghamshire. England won the first and third matches and they needed a victory to regain the ashes and they didn’t disappointed. What a match!
I’ll tell a little bit about what happened.

England won the coin toss and decided to bowl first and something magical happened. Australia was dismissed for 60 runs in just 111 balls. It was the shortest innings in a Test match in history.
Stuart Broad took five wickets from 19 balls, the fastest five-for-in in history, he’s at the top with E. Toshack from Australia, 1947 at the Gabba.
Australia was out before lunch and England started batting. On day two, England declared on 391 runs for 9 wickets, it was time for Australia to bat again. With a target of 331 runs just to even the score, they had much (a lot of) work to be (get) done, but England bowled so well that they didn’t stand a chance. Australia second innings ended 253 all out and England beats Australia by an innings and 78 runs securing the ashes.

Here’s a link to a Recap of what happened – 3 min long.

Highly recommended for people who wants to improve their listening skills 😉

Next and final match will be held at The Oval, London next Thursday, stay tuned.

See ya!

Getting off 2015 on the right (and broken) foot

9 Feb

Ramon Bozelli

by Ramon

I am going to tell you a story which happened around this New Year’s Eve.

Beiramar Norte Avenue in Florianópolis is one of the most desirable places to spend the New Year’s Eve, since the municipal government provides concerts for free and displays great and beautiful fireworks as part of the show as well.

The rest of the world and I were driving down to Beiramar Avenue. What a traffic! It was too hard to find a nice place to park which would not be far from the main stage. We (my family and I in the car) managed to do it after seeking a parking place for almost 2 hours .

The fireworks were amazing. All the traffic we had to face was really worth it at the end.


Everyone was greeting themselves. Everybody looked happy. When the show was finished, it was time to face the traffic to return home.

I was about to open my car door when I noticed that my left rear-view mirror was on the ground. It was probably caused by some great driver who didn’t manage to drive and keep an eye at the parked cars.

The next day I had to go fix it, otherwise I could get a fine. I thought that was OK because it was just a little problem I had in 2015, it was the first problem solved this year. But no! I was wrong. Something was about to happen…

January 2nd, a beautiful day on the beach, the sun was shining and there were no clouds in the sky. It was a perfect day, until I stepped in a hole on the sand while I was running. And guess what? I’ve twisted my right foot! The funny part is that I was insisting to walk and ride a bike although my foot was swollen. I swear I was not feeling pain.

On the next day I woke up and my foot looked worse. It was swollen and showing clear signs of bruising. I went to the doctor and after getting a couple of x-rays done, he said my foot was broken. I’ve broken two metatarsus: number 4 and 5. Therefore I would need to get a plaster on my foot and leg.


I have never broken a bone before so I was a little excited about this new happening in my life. It’s hard to deal with though. Walking is hard, taking a bath is complicated, sitting at the same position for a long time is difficult because your foot starts to get heavy and you feel pain.

You are used to walking and you don’t notice how important walking is for your common and daily life, you only appreciate it when you lose it.

After all these 3 busy first days of the year, I’m done with broken things! I hope I don’t break anything else during 2015. Watch your step, folks!





What do we need to start riding a bike?

5 Feb


by Wirth

Hi there,

This year I’m back to riding a bike. I really like it but last year I almost didn’t have the chance to ride much. I thought I’d write a couple of post about this incredible sport.

Today I want to show the basic things we need to start riding. First of all you`ll need to decide the kind of bike you`ll use. Basically we have to decide between a Mountain Bike and a Racer. We’ll talk about their differences in the next post.


Besides the bike we need a helmet, a special shirt and a bottle of water. A smartphone with a tracker app is useful to analyse your performance and your progress.


On yer bike! 🙂 Bye!

How asthma can make you do crazy things

3 Feb


by Vanclei

First things first, I’m talking about sprint triathlon. Yes, it has swimming, biking and running but in a very modest amount if you compare it to the Iron Man challenge. Now that I`ve made it clear, let me talk about one of the most amazing experiences in my life.

Well, I have asthma, not a big deal but sometimes it takes your breath away (badum tss), and at the end of 2009 my doctor advised me to take swimming classes to strengthen my lungs and cardiorespiratory system. It was a pain. I didn’t know how to swim and learning was boring. I mean, you feel like you’re in a hamster wheel at the swimming pool and I really wanted to quit. Fortunately the guys there enjoyed “open water swimming” competitions and it was my first step. Swimming in open waters is more fun, it is energising. After that I started to tolerate the swimming pool sessions.


Next step was easier, everyone knows how to walk so to start running you just have to speed it up. We gathered some friends and started training to “Interparques run” in Curitiba, just for fun. It was a race that had many parks on its track so it sounded nice to know them running. It was not a hard training, just once or twice a week during 2 months and we were there running. Keep in mind that we didn’t want to win the race, we just wanted to finish it with our dignity intact.

So that was it, I was swimming and running, not insanely, twice a week each one of them, just to relax no hard training. If you sum them all up it’s not more than 3hours per week (~45min swimming classes and ~40min running sessions). Also my lungs were doing pretty well, I didn’t feel any discomfort doing the training.

Finally in 2011 my girlfriend (my wife nowadays) had a wonderful idea “What if we subscribed for a sprint triathlon competition?” At first I thought she was crazy, I never pictured myself finishing a triathlon, but 5 minutes later I realized it was doable. A sprint triathlon is swimming 750m, biking 20km and finally running 5km, it’s half of regular triathlon (1,5km, 40km and 10km) and waaaaaay smaller than the Iron Man challenge.  We were running, swimming, why not ride bikes? Once in a lifetime, it sounded like something fun to do.

March 2012 I finished my first triathlon, it was amazing. The whole experience, from setting up your gear very early in the morning to finally seeing the red carpet and crossing the line, it’s something you can’t describe but you can feel, deeply.



Again, although it does require some training (obviously), it is something that anyone can do. Two running sessions per week, you can run around your block if you prefer, two swimming classes (this one unfortunately will require a teacher if you don’t know how to swim) and once a week go visit your friends or some place new riding a bike, this is good advice especially here where the neighbourhoods are far from each other 🙂

The last question is, why? I’m going to use a clichê but, why not? It’s fun and it’s different, although is an individual sport there are plenty of people there you can talk and have a good time. In the future if you feel sprint triathlon is too short and you like the training you can try olympic (the “regular” triathlon), half Iron, Iron man or Ultra, who knows 🙂 So far I’m ok with sprint, finishing it in 2012, 2013 and 2014. 2013 I finished the olympic version and hope to finish more of them in the next years.

The Power of a Bar of Soap

25 Nov


by Wirth

A bar of soap can be used for a lot of things, and it has a great power when we are using it for handwashing. It sounds so basic, but global statistics say that more than 50% of the people don’t wash their hands before leaving the bathroom. The cause of this is not due to the lack of soap or water, it’s mainly related to culture. Regarding this, let’s talk about why it is so important to use a bar of soap for handwashing.

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