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Movie Review – Despicable Me 2

21 Aug


by Laura

Hi folks, it’s movies time!!

A few days ago I decided to re-watch Despicable Me 2 because it was being recommended for me by Netflix. I love animation and as the new movie about the Minions just came out, I thought it would be a very good way to finish my day.

So, in this sequence from Despicable Me, we have a former villain, Gru, trying to adapt to his new life as a single parent of 3 girls. Along with his Minions, Gru cooks, educates, plays, and dresses like a princess in order to please Agnes, Margot and Edith.


Although Gru isn’t a bad guy anymore, others are taking his place and because of that the AVL, Anti-Villain League, comes to light. The AVL is a top-secret organization that is dedicated to combating super-villain activity. And impressed by the action of an unknown villain, the league ask Gru’s help to catch this bad guy.

Homesick for his action-packed life, with a lot of guns and experiments and inventions, Gru decides to help the AVL. With this decision he also gains a partner, Lucy Wilde, a very curious woman that will give you plenty of laughs.


And of course,  we can’t forget the Minions! Again, with their yellow colour, their strange language, different costumes and dances, they provide the best moments of the movie and also the success on Gru’s mission.

Personal opinion: Well what can I say… I love animation! And I loved the first Despicable Me. And I was pretty sure that with this sequences would be not different. This is a film for the whole family: there is action, there is love, there is comedy! One more time the Minions were responsible of natural laughs even more because of some new costumes that the used in this film, like the maid costume. So cute and so funny! I’m anxious to watch the movie dedicated to them… I already had a great time watching the trailer.

So, if you want to spend some time with some funny stuff, Despicable Me 2 is a great option. (ps: I totally recommend you to watch Despicable Me first, because you will get the sequence story more easily 😉 )


To hell with that childlike sense-of-wonder crap: Despicable Me, instead of trying to return adults to a false state of innocence, reminds us that we all started out as ill-mannered little savages.”Movieline Stephanie Zacharek


Brazil through gringo-eyes: The mother of all traffic jams

30 Jul


by Kristof

Yes, the traffic situation in Florianópolis could use some improvement, to say the least. Most of the important transit roads between the various areas of the city are narrow, often with only one lane in each direction. On top of that, there are little or no alternative roads you can use when traffic on the main road is getting exceptionally bad. The city’s population has been booming in the last decade, especially with those gringos moving in from all over the world and ruining the place for us manezinhos. The transit system is not built to deal with this kind of population growth, which results in a lot of traffic-related frustration.

It may be a small consolation, but things can always be worse. Traffic in my own home country isn’t too great either: roads are often in a poor state, various long-lasting road works and deviations can turn your morning commute or a simple trip for an afternoon of shopping into an ordeal that will leave you stressed and frustrated. The ring road around Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city has been a problem area for decades. With several highways coming together, it’s a major traffic hub for Belgium and neighboring countries and the road just doesn’t have the capacity to handle the flood of cars and trucks during peak hours. Add this to the fact that the ring isn’t actually complete (it’s open on 1 side!) and it makes the whole thing a bit shameful.


A few weeks ago, however, things really got out of hand. It was a long weekend with some sunny weather predictions, so it was an ideal weekend for a trip with the family. The already existing problems combined with the increased traffic and road works – that were inexplicably done during the day, instead of at night – that closed off 3 of the 4 lanes, created the perfect storm of traffic chaos. Many tourists from the Netherlands and Germany as well as Belgium had to pass by Antwerp on their way to the coast or other holiday destinations and ended up stranded in traffic for up to 3(!) hours. As the day progressed, people started to become dehydrated. Some started to feel unwell or even faint. Emergency services were called and ambulances were sent to help the people in need. The Red Cross also tried to distribute water. Tried, because even that went wrong: As more and more cars joined the traffic jam, people found nothing better, but to use the emergency lanes, effectively blocking them for the emergency vehicles they are meant for. It was reported that it took an ambulance almost 45 minutes to reach a person in need.

So, you can see a bit of slow traffic on Beira-Mar Norte isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Next time you’re in stuck traffic in Florianópolis, try not to get wound up too much, but instead remember this heartwarming story and sigh with relief that you’re not stranded for half a day on your way to some relaxing destination, with your whole family crammed into hot and small car, while your children are complaining that they’re hungry and thirsty and your grandmother starting to feel faint and you have to wait 45 minutes for anyone to come give her some water, because the car next to you decided it was ok for him to use the emergency lane. And if that’s not enough to relax you, you can turn your head 90 degrees and take the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunset behind the mountains on the continent.



Movie Review – Zombieland

21 Jul


by Laura

Hi folks, it’s movies time!!

The last movie I saw was ZombieLand. It was recommended by a friend, who – knowing that I like science-fiction – thought I would like this one, but he advised me: it’s a zombie movie but with a different approach. This different approach was Comedy. Can you believe it? A funny zombie movie?


I know that sometimes Hollywood surprises us with a lot of bullshit and impossible things, even if such things don’t exist, like zombies. But I decided to give it a chance.

Zombieland is a kind of guy’s journal, with some personal rules that he developed after the virus breakout.

Here the comedy begins: all of us would think rules like “1. Get a gun; 2. Head Shot; 3. Get ammunition;… etc”. However, his rules are totally turned into avoiding conflict and contact with zombies as much as he can:

#1 Cardio: because we have to be able to run as much as possible from zombies.

#2 Double Tab: because you have to make sure that the zombie is really dead, so why not confirm it with a double shot, right?

#3 Beware of bathrooms: even when you need it very much, zombies won’t be kind and wait for you to finish your job in there…

#4 Wear seat belts: car accidents became too common, especially because you can run over a zombie or simple because they can appear right in front of you.

And a lot of other funny rules, but really useful ones.

So Columbus, the guy who is telling the story, is on his way to get to Columbia, Ohio, in order to find his parents and a land zombie-free. In the meantime, he meets a totally crazy guy named Tallahassee, whose hobby/skill is killing zombies! He uses the most different tools to kill them: from a huge gun to a Fiskars gardening tool and a banjo – used to attract zombies. Lol.


They also meet two girls – sisters – who are trying to reach an amusement park. As nobody trusts anybody, they kind of enter in a conflict between the two pairs. After solving their differences, they build a kind of family and stay together until they reach the amusement park. However, the sisters decided to go by themselves to the park and when they light up the toys, a huge horde of zombies appears.

Trying to get rid of them, the sisters ends up trapped on the tower toy, and suddenly the guys appear to rescue them.

Personal opinion: This movie wasn’t on my “to watch list”, but after a friend recommended it to me I decided to give it a shot. And I was really impressed with the way they treated the theme. I really enjoyed the comedy aspects of this movie and it is really good to just spend some time. I loved the scene with the banjo and other strange action shots they did together.
In the movie they didn’t show all of Columbus’ rules, but they say that he has 32 of them. Searching for them on the internet I found the list below. Enjoy reading it! And you should watch the movie if you feel like laughing about crazy zombie-killers.

“Guilty-pleasure movies should not be underestimated. I had a scary-fun-house blast at Zombieland, in which studly Woody Harrelson, nerdy Jesse Eisenberg, sexy Emma Stone and sunshiny Abigail Breslin roam a near-dead world kicking zombie ass.”Rolling Stone


Holidays in USA – Breaking Bad Season Finale

9 Jul

Ramon Bozelli

by Ramon

Breaking Bad - Ramon Bad

The exactly moment when I broke bad

The exact moment when I broke bad

Maintaining my explorer spirit, I stopped by some different places around the city. Albuquerque is surrounded by many trails and when I found out about that, I realised I needed more time to really get to know the city than I’d planned to.

Random trail next to Hank and Marie’s house (from the show)

Random trail next to Hank and Marie’s house (from the show)


I could not visit all the sets of the Breaking Bad show, but the ones I could, were amazing. It is a strange thing that you feel being at the same spot in which a TV show was recorded, especially if this show is one of your favourites. You can check out some of the places I managed to go, here:


Random experience: I had to print a document during my stay in Albuquerque and I went to a FedEx office to do it. They have printers with USB plugs so you can do it all by yourself. After finishing your job, you can also pay at the printer! Yes, it accepts credit card. Crazy Americans!

The city is ace, it is huge considering territory and it has no traffic jam. I was impressed about it. One of my favourite cities in these holidays I’ve spent in the US.

That was my short experience in New Mexico, guys. I hope you enjoyed your reading. See you in the next chapter!

Holidays in USA – Breaking Bad Season 01 Episode 01

19 Jun

Ramon Bozelli

by Ramon

Breaking Bad - Ramon Bad

You have probably heard about Breaking Bad TV series, am I right?

The story about a good man who teaches Chemistry in the high school and realizes his life is regular and boring. To get rid of it, he breaks bad and starts cooking crystal meth with Jesse Pinkman (which by the way loves the word beach) as his partner.

The most part of the show was filmed in Albuquerque – New Mexico (USA) using the city itself as scenarios and not internal studios.

As I really enjoyed Breaking Bad, I had put on itinerary that lovely and warm (at least during the day) capital in the middle of the desert.

The house I stayed for one night (AirBNB really works)

The house I stayed for one night (AirBNB really works)

The only thing I searched about the city before arriving there was a map containing all the places the show was recorded in. In case you are curious about it, here is the link.

I arrived in the city around 1 a.m. after a 6 hours driving from Grand Canyon Park (I am going to tell more on the next posts) so the only thing I could think about was a good bed to sleep.

After a good (not too long though) sleep, I woke up and my first stop was Albuquerque’s Old Town. This neighborhood has been there since Albuquerque city was born in 1706. It has more than 100 shops, restaurants and galleries. Suspended peppers are everywhere in there.

Between the stores corridors

Between the stores corridors

I have met the real Heisenberg. “He” is actually a “she”, and she owns a candy store. In fact, the methamphetamine used in the show is a candy made by miss Debbie Ball, the Candy Landy’s owner.

The real Heisenberg (this was not what I imagined to be honest)

The real Heisenberg (this was not what I imagined to be honest)

The Candy Lady shop sells many kinds of chocolates including sugar free ones, candies, sweets and of course meth. It has a room within it where regular people like me take pictures pretending they are drug dealers.

What about now? Has Ramon bought some candies home?

To be continued…

Brazil’s Football Peculiarities

17 Jun


by Nei

There is something that happens only in the football’s country “Brazil”.

There are some places in Brazil that suffer a lot during the summer with rain and flood. In some of these places, people were suffering from losing their houses, clothing and sometimes even food, but one thing hurt more (specially the children’s heart and hope): their football fields were flooded as well.


But as they are smart guys and the life without football means nothing, they’ve decided to make a new football field, a floating one, so they can play independently of the water level.





Would Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi play nicely in those pitches? Have you already seen any similar sport? If so, please leave your comment.

To conclude, remember, if the weather is not that good and it is raining, that is not an excuse to do not practice sports.

Moview Review – Walk of Shame

9 Mar


by Laura

Hi folks, it’s movies time!!

Today’s choice is a comedy movie.

Who is not familiar with the term “Walk of shame”? This expression is used to describe a situation in which a person must walk past strangers or peers alone for an embarrassing reason before reaching a place of privacy.

As so, this movie shows exactly this “walk” of a good girl who was dumped by her boyfriend and lost a huge job opportunity in the same day.


Meghan is an anchor reporter in a small broadcast TV and is disputing the anchor job in a bigger company. This company makes all the background check on all candidates for the job, so Meghan has to make sure that she doesn’t have any hidden skeletons, which is easy for her, as she affirms to always being a good girl.

In the same night, Meghan is dumped by her boyfriend and find out that the anchor job was given to someone else. Disappointed and with a broken heart, she goes out with her friends to forget the worst day of her life so far. She dresses up with a sexy dress and drinks a lot of shots.

When searching for a bathroom, she meets a cute guy and decides to continue her party in his apartment.


When she wakes up, in the middle of the night, she starts her walk of shame. She leaves the guy’s apartment with just her car keys. When she got out of the building, she discovers that her car was towed. As so she starts her journey to pick up her car. Meanwhile, someone though she was a hooker, she takes a cab and doesn’t pay the driver, ends up in a crack house, steals a little guy’s bike and runs from the cops, among other problematic situations.

Personal opinion: I wasn’t expecting much of this movie, but I just loved it! I was searching for a light movie to watch and I faced Walk of Shame in my to watch list. It was a pleasant surprise. The movie is so funny! When you think that Meghan, the lead actress, has got all of the bad luck possible, you see that things can become even worse! Lol. I really enjoyed my time watching this motion picture. if you are looking for a good laugh, you definitely should watch it.

Far-fetched, absurd and hopelessly schticky, but if you can get past its boring initial set-up, it’s actually quite funny. – — Jordan Hoffman