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Welcome Home Magic Island

12 May

Remembering the old times, Magic Island team returns to Bravi’s big office!

Magic Island back to the big office

Here’s what they are saying about moving back here:

Tina: Looking good!

Mark McAlpine: Nice… Diego that’s rude…

Nei: It made me think about the beginning, when I started working at Bravi… And that almost three years have passed so fast! I would say that it’s always good to come back home (and there is the big kitchen as well :-)).

Diego: I think that returning to this office is being great, as we can easily be in touch with Daniel and become closer to other people from this office. We will also be interacting more with those we don’t know much.

Alex: After a long period working in the new office, it’s finally time to return home and that’s very nice. Besides, there are more fruits here. Ops XD

Cris: It seems that we were out of this office for so long! But now we are back here and I feel as good as ever! We were so welcome back here! Thanks for the lovely reception and sorry for those who needed moving seats because of us. We miss the guys from the new offices and that’s why we will keep using their meeting rooms 😀


First Impressions

28 Aug


by Lucas, Marianna and Thiago


Hello, everyone! I have been here for a month, and I would like to share my first impressions. Everybody is nice: they do everything to make you feel good, they are always ready to help and the work environment is great because of that. The English classes are great: the subjects are brought to the classes in a natural way, so it does not even feel like you are in a English class. People Care is a department which really cares about people, in a way that I have never seen before. These are just a few things I noticed on my first days here. I am sure I will improve as a person and as a professional along with Bravi! See ya!

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Speed Boats

11 Jul


by Will

Speed Boats – How to Improve your Sailing in 4 Easy Steps

Trust me. The development process is like driving a speedboat. You need to go as fast as possible and tackle any obstacles using the very best approach. You need to consider the wind, waves, rocks, engine, even the sun… and get them to work in your favour.


The idea is to create a new perspective for your retrospective. When facing problems, the team will find a creative way for dealing with them. Not only is creativity involved in this process but you can also provide efficient strategies to solve your problems.

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Bazinga! Monthly Update

7 Jul


Hi guys, I am Alberth (or Alberffffffff). David and I are the new members of the Bazinga Team (yes, our friend Victor left the bear cave) and I am going to give you an update about our team.

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First Impressions

20 May


by Gabriel, Kristof, Thercio, Milton

The company

This is a fast growing company. It’s only two years old but it already has almost 70 employees. Bravi is in a phase of constant change and the Agile philosophy is taken seriously here.

When you arrive here you have several introductions and presentations about everything you should know before you start working, which is very helpful.

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Bazinga – Monthly Update!

14 Apr



Foto: Alastair Bell's virtual birthday

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Monthly Update – Charpenings

25 Mar


February was a stressful month in regard to the sprint work. We have been working in the TAFE Support which is a bit tricky due to the time zone difference between UK, Brazil, and Australia. We’ve been investigating and fixing a bunch of bugs in different EBS areas.

But apart from the hard working it’s summer in Brazil 😀

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