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11 Oct


by Maurício

Beer in Brazil: order a beer, mug sizes and temperature

Hi there! I would like to introduce the new (and most useful) Tribalingua bimonthly topic: Beer in Brazil! In this serie of posts I’ll try to explain a little bit about how we drink beer in Brazil trying to spot the main differences between Brazilian and UK beer culture.

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Welcome to Brazil, Steve!

8 Oct

Gustavo and Steve

Saturday saw the Bravi team and their families get together for a barbecue, some cold beer and ballgames in a relaxing lakeside atmosphere. They were joined by Steve Kierney, recently arrived from UK, who had come to visit the Brazilian teams and see the new office.

Roberta’s dad, Samir, started cooking the ribs at 6am and they were ready by 3pm. “Anything less than nine hours cooking over a log fire is amateurish,” he commented.

Colleagues ate and drank together and the atmosphere was typically Brazilian and friendly (until the girls cheated in the final game of charades) with plenty of volleyball, and even a few monkeys swang through the forest to see what was going on.

“I’m so thrilled to finally have seen a monkey… A real monkey… Not a picturebook monkey, but a proper monkey.” said James Ward, 28 and from Carlisle, “I even gave one of them a piece of cheese-on-toast. He didn’t say much, but when our eyes met, I felt this incredible sensation of togetherness. He was well hairy too.”

Other hilights of the afternoon included Arley splitting his trousers during the volleyball tie-break, Bruna and Priscilla dominating the miming games, Mateus on the guitar and, of course, the fantastic meat. Nice one, folks!

Lunch at The Black Swan

13 Jun

Getting together, meeting each other, lots of laughter, plus a small class about how people drink in British pubs (and they really know how to do it)…

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Goodbye, Mark!

12 Jun

After a successful fortnight in Florianopolis it was time to say goodbye to SITS:Vision guru Mark “Rooney” Wheeler…

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Nice to ‘meat’ you!

12 Jun

The team met in Cacupe for a lunchtime barbecue to celebrate the arrival of the new members . Gustavo was the chef, James made the caipirinha and a good time was had by all.

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