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New Poll… USA x Brazil spying problems

23 Oct

Poll Hi peeps! A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away a post was publish asking what you think FIFA World Cup 2014 will bring to Brazil: benefits or prejudice. You can see the results below: FifaPoll

As you can see, people think that the World Cup will benefit Brazil. In fact lots of jobs will be created, new stadiums, enhancements to the roads near the stadiums, airport reform to welcome the people… well there’ll be lots of good things.

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New poll… FIFA WorldCup Brazil 2014

13 Aug


Howdy Tribalingua followers! Is it cold there? It is cold here as we never had felt before here in Brazil! Temperatures were near 0ºC here, but in some cities negative temperatures were easily achieved.

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New poll: Would you rather…

8 Jul


Hi there,

As probably you know, some protests are happening here in Brazil. People are protesting against the increase of bus fares, discontentment with the government and so on… and the people that didn’t like our last poll protested as well. Some of them were protesting at Tribalingua’s office and they held up posters with the words:

We don’t want depressing polls! We want stories!

Stop doing depressing polls!

James, come and do the gym exercises!

Therefore, we felt that we had to take action. So it’s time to close the current poll and introduce a new one… a joyful one! Let’s see the results:
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New poll: After you die, would you rather be…

12 Jun

Hello there,

I’ll tell you something… these international events occurring in Brazil this year has been so exhaustive for the Tribalingua staff. It has been so difficult to sit down in front of a computer and write a post. We were all involved in the organisation of the Confederations Cup, transfer of Neymar to Barcelona and the most important, Rodrigo’s sex change nose surgery.

Our last poll is now closed and the resuls are:

Would you rather be able to…
  • control your dreams 64.71%  (11 votes) 
  • watch your dreams on video next day 35.29%  (6 votes)

Let’s think. By having the power of controlling our dreams we’re capable of be dreaming the things that we want. No more nightmares, maybe? So, probably with this power it wouldn’t be worth watching our dreams on video the next day.

The next poll will be about how do you want to be remembered after you pass away. I bet that at least once you’ve thought you will be remembered due to something you did in your past (which is the current) life.

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New poll: Would you rather be able to…

11 Apr

Hello everyone! As you’re seeing in the past weeks, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un is threatening South Korea, United States, Japan, Mars and Tatooine of throwing atomic bombs,  high-range missiles and confetti. For that reason the new polls wasn’t being updated, because our server is hosted in South Korea and all Tribalingua staff was focused on creating plans to keep the data safe. (and you thinking that we just forgot our polls, aren’t you?) Well, let’s show the results of the last poll. What would you rather have:

  • Invisibility and teleportation – 60.87% (14 votes)
  • Ability to read minds and fly – 39,13% (9 votes)

As you can see, the majority prefer to be invisible and able to teleport than read minds and fly. Perhaps because it’s better to see what people are doing than to know what they are thinking at any time. Being invisible and able to teleport makes you stealthy. 🙂 So, let me introduce the new poll. The new poll asks you about what you rather be able to.

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New poll

15 Feb

The current poll was closed and the results are:

  • … be immortal. 53.85%  (7 votes)
  • … be the richest person on the planet. 46.15%  (6 votes)
I would like to be immortal than the richest person of the world.

I would like to be immortal than the richest person of the world.

With 1 more vote the winner answer indicates that people would like to be immortal than the richest person in the world. Why have money if one day you’ll die and leave it all for your cats and kids?

Thank you for voting.

The new question is about supernatural things…

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New poll: Would you rather…

28 Jan

Firstly let’s show the results of the current poll, which is:

  • A miserable genius 17.86%  (5 votes)
  • A happy fool 82.14%  (23 votes)

As you can see, eight times more of you would prefer to be a happy fool as opposed to a miserable genius. I think it is because it is better to be happy, independant fool than to be miserable in many ways.

I would prefer to be a happy fool than a miserable genius.

I would prefer to be a happy fool than a miserable genius.

This poll was created because Daniel Zombie once said that he would prefer to be a happy fool than a miserable genius.

So, let’s stop “filling sausages” and introduce the new poll:

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