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Andrew Morris… life as a second language learner (part one)

6 Nov


by Andrew

Hi I am Andrew and, like many British citizens, my experience of trying to learn a new language has been plagued with failure. At school I remember never enjoying language classes in French and German… it`s just an experience that you try and forget.

You fell into two camps basically. Either you were amazing and became fluent or the education system just didn’t seem to work for you. I was in that second camp, and even though I have learned to program in .net, foreign language success has failed me.

It’s funny the few moments that stick with you though your life. Mine revolve around my family holidays to France. As a young boy we would go to euro camp, and one summer I met a young French girl, and as an 8 year old this was my most amazing life experience, and somehow we started to communicate between languages. I would say `this object in English is a chair` and she would then say `In French this is chaise`

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