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Brazil’s Football Peculiarities

17 Jun


by Nei

There is something that happens only in the football’s country “Brazil”.

There are some places in Brazil that suffer a lot during the summer with rain and flood. In some of these places, people were suffering from losing their houses, clothing and sometimes even food, but one thing hurt more (specially the children’s heart and hope): their football fields were flooded as well.


But as they are smart guys and the life without football means nothing, they’ve decided to make a new football field, a floating one, so they can play independently of the water level.





Would Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi play nicely in those pitches? Have you already seen any similar sport? If so, please leave your comment.

To conclude, remember, if the weather is not that good and it is raining, that is not an excuse to do not practice sports.


Japanzilian Election (Japanese x Brazilian)

25 Nov
André Sato
by Sato
While I was in Japan, I was surprised when there was an election there. I didn’t see any advertisements on tv, on posters nor on the street. It was like there was no election happening at all. Actually, posters are only allowed in certain designated areas like this:

Very japanese-like: clean, organized and civilized.

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Football – Quarter-Finals are starting

5 Jul


by Wirth

Hi friends,

Today we are starting the World Cup quarter-finals, and we already know the eight best national teams of the world. From now we are going to have only very good matches. There is no favourite in any match, it is awesome. Good matches to watch. Continue reading

Everything ends in Pizza

18 Feb

Ayrton Senna

Apple Pie Pizza with Ice Cream 500

Brazil is very rich in terms of food. Everybody knows our country is huge and you can find vastly different cultures and different foods among the states and cities.

But something is very common here, we’re very used to something strange, not just here in the south, but all over the country, but I think it just happens in Brazil. The ridiculous mix of pizza flavours.

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Rau tu bi a Brasiliã – 04. Host all your family for Christmas

3 Jan

Família Grande

Christmas time comes and no one in Brazil wants to spend a typical British Christmas and New Year’s Day alone, in a flat, getting drunk, hiding from the cold and rain – remember that in Brazil, while you are freezing in Blighty, it is hot and sunny.

Since Brazil is so huge and there are many types of lifestyle, families sometimes spread all over the country. But even traveling for 27 hours in a bus or spending thousands of Reais on an aeroplane ticket, getting together at Christmas time is mandatory.

What’s more: people don’t want to stay in a hotel. They probably haven’t seen each other for ages, they want to enjoy this time as much as they can – not only for a dinner or a cup of tea – and save money for the presents and beverages!

So, the question is: How do you handle that? How do you host thirteen people in your two-bedroom-house? And the answer is simple: Just host them, they will be fine.

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Rau tu bi a Brasiliã – 02. Talk with people you don’t know in public places.

17 Sep

Hilton and James in the day they first met

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Rau tu bi a Brasiliã: 1. Eat chicken heart

3 Sep

Chicken heart is a very common food in Brazil and they usually prepare it as a side dish in barbecues or eat it in a pub while drinking beer. It is usually seasoned with salt, but you can use chilli sauce and some herbs. Fried with onions and garlic is tasty as well.

Chicken Heart

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