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Top Three

25 Sep


By Mitchel

Hello Tribalingua followers,

We’re starting today a new topic on the blog called Top Three, which will intend to have a new post on air every 4th week bimonthly.  We are talking about culture in a different way: we’ll choose a subject and we’ll list in detail the top three items according to its importance.

We’ll start talking about something that almost somebody wishes but only a few people have luck to achieve:  live at the best place in the world!  There are many awesome places that people imagine to live, but which are the top three best countries to dwell?

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The Big Interview… Andrew Bailey

12 Jul

Welcome back to our most popular regular feature, “The Tribalingua Big Interview”. We meet the members of the team and ask them about their lives, loves, hopes and fears…

We reveal the thoughts of the people who make this company such a special place to work.

Andrew Bailey

This week we’re talking to Andrew Bailey, the Development Lead for the SITS and ESD products in the UK…

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Brazilian office video

18 Jan


From there to here… Bamamaha Bill

8 Jan


How the hell did I end up here? I mean, not that long ago I was living in São José do Cerrito and my biggest ambition in life was to get some easy part-time job (preferably as a public employee, ‘cause, you know, they work less), and just live my life without worries.

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The eagles have landed!

14 Jun

After a transatlantic flight over the sea, Enrique and Robson have arrived, with their well-travelled companions Gustavo and Roberta, in Norwich, England.

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