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Interesting Tools for Writing : Hemingway App

22 May


by Well

Hi writters! Have you read a big, boring and dull article yet? That kind of article which makes you tired? Normally written by Well (I hope not)? Moreover, looking at the positive side, do you know those articles which are pleasant, that get your attention and make you want to keep reading?

I bet the answer is yes for all the questions, apart from the articles written by Well. I am here to help you to write the latter type of texts. Meet the Hemingway App.


In short, let’s use their own words: “Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.” Their idea is pretty simple but it has a really good feature.

Basically you write (or copy) your text in their editor in the Write tab section:


and when you want to check your writing, check the Edit tab section. It will colour your text according to its issues. To show you the app working, take a look at their site explanation (pretty cool, isn’t it?).


Having shown their own explanation, I put the first sentence of this post to the test and this is the result:



That is it for today and I hope it helps you. Give it a try! And I am eagerly waiting for new posts…


Distraction Free – Writing Like a Boss

3 Mar


by Well

You know that moment when you start feeling like a novel writer, which might make you start winning millions of millions after writing a sequence of books? Have you imagined that you could be writing:

  • the next Lord of The Rings or Bracelets or Necklace
  • the new Harry Potter, this time an American or Brazilian version of this young boy
  • or even the 50 Shades for a different color

Well, it turns out that I know what is holding your back from becoming the next millionaire writer. You start writing and, lo and behold, notifications show up from every possible place, comments are getting your precious attention. Anything else seems more interesting and you’re already holding it off, procrastinating until, well, sometimes until February 30th.

Thus, I am here to introduce you to the free pass (there is also a paid version) for your creativity’s freedom and the harmless art of writing. I can’t ensure you will be one of the next wealthy and biggest writers I have described before, but I am pretty sure you will make Tribalingua happier by doing that.

Without further ado, I introduce you FORCEdraft.



FORCEdraft is a pretty simple application, with a good idea within it. It allows you to create new or open old drafts and start from there.


Basically it blocks everything in your computer until you complete a word goal, time limit, or you ask politely for the app to stop.



Having shown that, I got to say that you have no more excuses when asked to write a text, blog entry or whatnot. Just open the app and release your mind from any distraction (you still have to keep your smartphone away) and just write.

I really hope it helps you to improve your writing, your creativity and your focus.

This app was brought to my attention by William Grisa, so credits for him for spreading the word.

To conclude, just another motivation if getting rich is not your aim in life, check this link Harness the Mental, Creative, and Emotional Benefits of Regular Writing out.