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Bazinga! Monthly Update

7 Jul


Hi guys, I am Alberth (or Alberffffffff). David and I are the new members of the Bazinga Team (yes, our friend Victor left the bear cave) and I am going to give you an update about our team.

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Bazinga – Monthly Update!

14 Apr



Foto: Alastair Bell's virtual birthday

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Bazinga… Monthly Update

16 Dec

Hello fellas, before anything, and to make your day better, here goes a nice and updated picture of the (amazing) Bazinga Team!

Rodrigo, Oberdan and Bruno

Yay !

Yeah yeah, we know, it’s been a long time without blog posts… but we were so busy fixing EBS bugs, that we had no time for the blog duties.

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Monthly Update… Bazinga

23 Oct

Hi folks,

October is ending, but we’re here to talk about what we have done in September. Sorry about that, we were running around like headless chickens. We’ve been doing NZ support last sprints and some enhancements on SDR module.

The coolest thing done in September, I think, was that Alastair travelled to New Zealand once he’s NZ Support Champion. Rodrigo took care of the Scrum Master duties and he was very happy with it. Let’s see one of Rodrigo’s sayings when Alastair came back.

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Monthly update… Bazinga

16 Sep

Bazinga logo


Hello there!  How are things going?

In August Bazinga worked on two brand new areas: Workflow and SDR (Single Data Return). We appreciated very much, because we didn’t know anything about those areas and we delivered everything in time. A special thanks to our testers Alastair and Ruth which managed to test lots of stuff, especially regarding workflow stories.

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Monthly update… Bazinga

7 Aug

Bazinga team

Hello there! How are you?

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Monthly update… Bazinga

3 Jul

Bazinga team

Hi folks! How are you?

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