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Tribalingua Photo Competition – August/September Results!

11 Oct


by James

Hello again, everyone,

We had so many excellent entries for the second, monthly Tribalingua Photo Competition on the theme “Brazil” that it took two months to go through them all!

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Fashion notes… bikinis!

24 Sep
avatar mari
by Mari
When you think of Brazilian clothing, be honest, you imagine scantily clad bronzed maidens in itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikinis.

Tribalingua Photo Competition – July Results!

9 Aug

Hello again, everyone,

We had some excellent entries for the first, monthly Tribalingua Photo Competition on the theme “The Beach”!

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Big River City

3 Jul

Cassino’s Beach – Rio Grande

The legendary race between Portugal and Spain for the ownership of lands in southern Brazil led to the foundation of the oldest city of Rio Grande do Sul state, called Rio Grande city. It was founded in February, 1737, by José da Silva Paes Brigadier, when he led a Portuguese military expedition to assure the ownership of these lands.

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A little piece of land lost in the sea…

13 Jun

A little piece of land lost in the sea” – says the hymn of Florianópolis. This is the beautiful city where the Hacking4Living office is based. It is an island located in Santa Catarina state, in the south of Brazil. People affectionately call Florianópolis  the Magic Island, but it is more commonly named “Floripa”.

Ilha do Campeche – Famous beaches

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