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Rafa’s Adventures Part 2 – Camel Beer

17 Jul

Rafael Demenech

by Rafa

A great experience in my life was when I went to Morocco and visited some places there. I will tell you some amazing, crazy and awesome things about those days there.

Who went on the trip?


Arthur, Murillo and Me of course!

What was the main reason to go there?

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English Language Curiosities

13 Jun


by Hilton

Polish: The only word in the English language that changes its pronunciation when capitalised. “My Polish relatives gave me some furniture but I have to polish it every week.”

(The ‘o’ in ‘ Polish’ is pronounced /ou/. In ‘polish’ it is pronounced /ɔ/)


Brazilian Beer Festival

15 May


by Mauricio

Brazilian Beer Festival

It has been a long time since my last post about beer and I’m sorry about that 😦

In this post I’m going to talk quickly about the Brazilian Beer festival, which I went to in March.

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Preposition Kings in their tower (of beer)

22 Oct

tribalingua logo

jon avatar

Why do we say ‘on the plane’ but ‘in a taxi’?

Why is it ‘in prison’ and ‘in hospital’ but ‘at home’ and ‘at the supermarket’?

What’s the difference between along and across?

For the past couple of months, Tribalingua has been running a preposition competition in the office and the results were finally announced this week. Prizes included a slap on the back, certificate and free beer.

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11 Oct


by Maurício

Beer in Brazil: order a beer, mug sizes and temperature

Hi there! I would like to introduce the new (and most useful) Tribalingua bimonthly topic: Beer in Brazil! In this serie of posts I’ll try to explain a little bit about how we drink beer in Brazil trying to spot the main differences between Brazilian and UK beer culture.

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Time flies…

10 Jul


A year has come and gone already at the Bravi office!

The team has grown, we have moved offices and fixed millions of bugs.

To celebrate we had a day of meat, music, beer and,er, boats.

Happy birthday, everyone!

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The final countdown

23 Nov