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Welcome Home Magic Island

12 May

Remembering the old times, Magic Island team returns to Bravi’s big office!

Magic Island back to the big office

Here’s what they are saying about moving back here:

Tina: Looking good!

Mark McAlpine: Nice… Diego that’s rude…

Nei: It made me think about the beginning, when I started working at Bravi… And that almost three years have passed so fast! I would say that it’s always good to come back home (and there is the big kitchen as well :-)).

Diego: I think that returning to this office is being great, as we can easily be in touch with Daniel and become closer to other people from this office. We will also be interacting more with those we don’t know much.

Alex: After a long period working in the new office, it’s finally time to return home and that’s very nice. Besides, there are more fruits here. Ops XD

Cris: It seems that we were out of this office for so long! But now we are back here and I feel as good as ever! We were so welcome back here! Thanks for the lovely reception and sorry for those who needed moving seats because of us. We miss the guys from the new offices and that’s why we will keep using their meeting rooms 😀


First Impressions

20 May


by Gabriel, Kristof, Thercio, Milton

The company

This is a fast growing company. It’s only two years old but it already has almost 70 employees. Bravi is in a phase of constant change and the Agile philosophy is taken seriously here.

When you arrive here you have several introductions and presentations about everything you should know before you start working, which is very helpful.

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4º Coding Dojo

30 Aug

Last monday occurred our 4º Coding Dojo here in Bravi. Maybe you are thinking “Coding Dojo? What is that?!”, so let me explain in short words.


A Coding Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge. They are there have fun and to engage in DeliberatePractice in order to improve their skills.

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Time flies…

10 Jul


A year has come and gone already at the Bravi office!

The team has grown, we have moved offices and fixed millions of bugs.

To celebrate we had a day of meat, music, beer and,er, boats.

Happy birthday, everyone!

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First Code Kata

28 Jan
Last friday we had our first Code Kata in the office. The theme was about how to create a Tick Tack Toe using any language or approach.

Brazilian office video

18 Jan


The Adventures of Mr. Book – The intellectual hero

4 Jan

It was supposed to be an innocent and educative drawing on the board to teach Maycon Beserra, 25, from Londrina, the basic differences among the prepositions “In”, “On” and “At”.

Bruna and Emanuel decided to use, as an example, a particular object that is presented to every Brazilian starting to learn English: the book. Also, the first sentence that everybody learns is: “The book is on the table.”

You must be wondering why this sentence, but can you realise how full of meaning and knowledge this phrase is?

In a single line, you learn how the verb “To be” is conjugated for the third-person (is) and the preposition (on) that you must use to connect the book to the table. Also, the book represents knowledge, study, intellect and the table is the place where you get in touch with the book to get intimate with all of this.

In this sense, the following drawing was created, photographed and is now around the social networks:

first draw

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