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Brazilian Bug Hunt…

11 Dec


Since most teams are on support for the next sprint and we’re approaching the end of the year, the Brazilian office thought it would be nice to have a bit of a game to test our bug hunting (and fixing!) skills!

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Tips4Hackers: Tracepoints, a great way to debug code in Visual Studio

17 Oct

Everyone knows and loves breakpoints, which lets you stop the execution of code on a given point and then see what is going on. What if you want to count how many times a given function was called? You would probably put a breakpoint there, and count how many times the breakpoint was hit, right? Cool, but there is a much faster way, which you probably never heard of, using Tracepoints. Got your attention already? So read on!

Dick Tracy...points?

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Tips4Hackers: Tweak IIS to avoid timeout errors during debug

8 Aug

Welcome to the latest installment of Tips4Hackers. Our tip this time was provided by my Highlander teammate William, half of the internationally acclaimed country music duo ‘The Grisa Brothers’. If you have ever been frustrated by an IIS timeout error while debugging your favorite web project, keep reading!

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