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Mortal Kombat X – Part 2

27 Jul


by Lucas

Hello everybody, here we are for Mortal Kombat X – Part 2!



In this post, we’re going to cover some basic concepts of the attack types available in the game:

  • High: attacks that hit high can be blocked simply by holding block (standing or crouching). If your opponent crouches without blocking, your high attack will miss, passing over his head.
  • Mid: like high attacks, mid attacks can be blocked simply by holding block. However, your opponent will get hit by mid attacks if he crouches without blocking.
  • Low: you can only block low attacks by holding block while crouching.
  • Overhead: you can only block overhead attacks by holding block while standing.
  • Throw: cannot be blocked. However, you can crouch without blocking or you can escape by pressing a punch or a kick button (tech).

Mixing all those attacks in different ways (mix up) forces your opponent to guess how to defend. If he does it wrong, in some cases, you will be able to follow your attack with combos and cause high damage!



Games – Mortal Kombat – Part 1

28 Apr


by Sub-Lucas

Hey Kombatants, how are you doing?


Today I’m going to talk about the brand new Mortal Kombat X, the latest installment of the famous fighting game franchise, released on April 14th.

Mortal Kombat X’s roster includes classic returning characters such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Liu Kang, Kano, Mileena, Kitana and Goro, and also a few newcomers like Cassie Cage (the daughter of Johhny Cage and Sonya Blade), Jacqui Briggs (the daughter of Jax), Takeda (the son of Kenshi), the western gunslinger-style Erron Black and the archer Kung Jin.  selectionmkx

 One of the most notable additions of this game’s version is that each character has three different variations, each one containing different moves and gamestyles. That allows the player to pick his favourite character and adapt him/her for specific situations or opponents.



 In the next post of this series we’ll talk about some basic techniques that can be used in Mortal Kombat X or in any other fighting game.


See you!

Interesting Sports – Wife Carrying

25 Feb


by Pamela

After months researching, I’ve finally chosen the next sport to present you: Wife Carrying.

There are many versions of how the sport was created and all of them include men stealing women from villages in the 19th century. But it was only in 1999 that was founded the ‘North American Wife Carrying Championship’, which is held annually in mid-October at Sunday River Resort in Maine.

I bet you are imagining something dumb, like some men running with their wives on their shoulders… And that is exactly what it is!

Of course there are rules about the competitors:

  • They don’t have to be legally married
  • Helmets are required for the carried by the World Championship rules – but not for North American rules
  • The carries may use a belt – this is the only special equipment allowed
  • World Championship’s rules set a weight limit of 49 kilograms / 108 pounds, and weight belts are used to make up any difference in weight. North American rules don’t limit the weight.

There are also some simple rules about the competition:

  • All the teams – carrier and carried – run the course two at a time. The two fastest qualify for a final heat, which defines the winner of the event.
  • If a competitor drops his teammate, they will be penalized with 5 seconds added to their time.
  • Team may not advance on the course without their wives being carries, otherwise they are disqualified
  • The man can carry the woman as he wish. The most popular way is the Estonian Carry, but the Piggyback and Fireman’s Carry are also commonly used.


The course length is 254 meters / 278 yards. North American courses are usually run on an uneven ground with some level of elevation change, but the World Championships are run on a flat track. Courses usually include a couple of dry obstacles and one water obstacle.

Whoever had already carried someone like that for a few steps can imagine how uncomfortable it must be to run and cross obstacles with someone hanging from your neck.

Well, it’s like we say around here “There’s always a looney for everything in this world”.

That’s all Folks! Hope you enjoyed.

World of RPG

24 Feb

Thiago Thomaz

by Thiago

Hello people, I’m Thiago. I used to be a Bamamaha before that ship sinked and this is my first post here =)
I’m here to talk to you about RPGs and this may or may not be part of an ongoing series so lets get this started then.

So, what is an RPG?


RPG stands for Role Playing Game, it can be an electronic game, or a tabletop one. In this series I’ll mostly talk about tabletops since that’s where the magic is.
A RPG is much like a game of pretend we played as little kids, but with some rules to guide us trough the challenges and balance the characters. You also have a dungeon master that is someone who guides the game, it’s plot, and what characters will meet.


Now you might think this is silly and it’s a children’s game. But then, good sir/madam, I would have to say that you are wrong.
RPGs are a great way to develop critical thinking, resource management, social skills, and also escape reality for a while.

And if you don’t believe me, well.. I’m living proof that this works. I used to be way more closed and introspective before I started sacrificing souls to Satan while playing RPG, and they helped me build lots of amazing friendships in the process.

And yeah… I think I’ll just leave it at that for now. I promise I’ll post more about RPG in the future. Starting from the following image, what exactly are these?


Bye =)

Save what’s important!

7 Feb

Bruno Quintella

by Bruno

Saving an XBox

Have you ever lost your game data from your video-game?

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NEW POLL: It’s in the game…

6 Jul

This week`s poll is based on fingers and blisters.

How exciting is that!

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