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Rau tu bi a Brasiliã: 1. Eat chicken heart

3 Sep

Chicken heart is a very common food in Brazil and they usually prepare it as a side dish in barbecues or eat it in a pub while drinking beer. It is usually seasoned with salt, but you can use chilli sauce and some herbs. Fried with onions and garlic is tasty as well.

Chicken Heart

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Rau tu bi a Brasiliã – Coming soon…

27 Aug

Mark Wheeler on English Beach (“Praia dos Ingleses”) in Florianópolis – Santa Catarina/Brazil

Rau tu bi a Brasiliã (“How to be a Brazilian”, written in “Portglish”) is going to be a new section of Tribaligua blog which will teach our Gringo Folks how to interact with natives and make friends. Every fortnight, it will talk about some culture points and bring some hints you should follow if you come to Brazil or if you realize there is a Brazilian working besides you (because you will realize it easily and you certainly will want to be friends with them – ask James Ward, Jon Holloway and Mark Wheeler why.)