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Tips4Hackers: Faster ways to restart IIS

15 Mar

Tired of waiting for IISReset to finish? Do you wish it would take 1 second instead of twenty?Fast!

While developing for the Web, you may have to run IISReset.exe many times a day, to recycle the aspnet process, clear caches etc. And the thing is slow…so slow, in fact, that there are rumors that Jon, Diogo and the gang managed to play a whole game of Carcassonne in between resets.

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Tips4Hackers: Tweak IIS to avoid timeout errors during debug

8 Aug

Welcome to the latest installment of Tips4Hackers. Our tip this time was provided by my Highlander teammate William, half of the internationally acclaimed country music duo ‘The Grisa Brothers’. If you have ever been frustrated by an IIS timeout error while debugging your favorite web project, keep reading!

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