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Interesting Tools for Writing : Hemingway App

22 May


by Well

Hi writters! Have you read a big, boring and dull article yet? That kind of article which makes you tired? Normally written by Well (I hope not)? Moreover, looking at the positive side, do you know those articles which are pleasant, that get your attention and make you want to keep reading?

I bet the answer is yes for all the questions, apart from the articles written by Well. I am here to help you to write the latter type of texts. Meet the Hemingway App.


In short, let’s use their own words: “Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.” Their idea is pretty simple but it has a really good feature.

Basically you write (or copy) your text in their editor in the Write tab section:


and when you want to check your writing, check the Edit tab section. It will colour your text according to its issues. To show you the app working, take a look at their site explanation (pretty cool, isn’t it?).


Having shown their own explanation, I put the first sentence of this post to the test and this is the result:



That is it for today and I hope it helps you. Give it a try! And I am eagerly waiting for new posts…


Interesting Tools/Websites for Learning – Writing Tips

11 Sep


by Well

Hello interested people in the evolution of your knowledge. I am pretty sure you couldn’t wait for the time to check your most loved recurrent post in this blog. Thus, it is with great pleasure that I start saying that our post today and the next ones are going to be somewhat different from the older ones. I am going to post a few interesting websites in order to improve your writing. Under these circumstances you will be even more able to talk to people abroad, make new friends, renew old friendships, write for the blog (no pressure).

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Tools for Learning – IELTS Skills App

24 Jun


by Well

Hello everyone! As usual I am writing our lovely bi-monthly post in order to share some knowledge and improve our learning skills. As we are totally frustrated happy with our IELTS results (for those who don’t know, we take the IELTS test semi-annually here at the company), I thought about creating a post in order to help our progress. Without further adieu, I introduce to you the “IELTS Training” Android app.

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