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Welcome Home Magic Island

12 May

Remembering the old times, Magic Island team returns to Bravi’s big office!

Magic Island back to the big office

Here’s what they are saying about moving back here:

Tina: Looking good!

Mark McAlpine: Nice… Diego that’s rude…

Nei: It made me think about the beginning, when I started working at Bravi… And that almost three years have passed so fast! I would say that it’s always good to come back home (and there is the big kitchen as well :-)).

Diego: I think that returning to this office is being great, as we can easily be in touch with Daniel and become closer to other people from this office. We will also be interacting more with those we don’t know much.

Alex: After a long period working in the new office, it’s finally time to return home and that’s very nice. Besides, there are more fruits here. Ops XD

Cris: It seems that we were out of this office for so long! But now we are back here and I feel as good as ever! We were so welcome back here! Thanks for the lovely reception and sorry for those who needed moving seats because of us. We miss the guys from the new offices and that’s why we will keep using their meeting rooms 😀


4º Coding Dojo

30 Aug

Last monday occurred our 4º Coding Dojo here in Bravi. Maybe you are thinking “Coding Dojo? What is that?!”, so let me explain in short words.


A Coding Dojo is a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge. They are there have fun and to engage in DeliberatePractice in order to improve their skills.

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Fly Flu Flown

8 Jul


The Bravi office is now officially Influenza Free. Friday afternoon saw the successful vaccination of staff (including gringos) here in Florianopolis.

Winter in the south of Brazil can be harsh, with temperatures getting down to a mind-numbing 15 degrees in the shade. This means that immunity levels are reduced and there is a higher chance of catching a cold or flu.

Nurse Juliana came to give the injections and the office is now a happier, healthier handkerchief-free zone.

EBS expert and traditional flu-sufferer James Ward, 29, commented, `I have a tendency to go down with just about anything and everything, so a quick jab in the backside could save me a few days off in the long run.`


Magic Island release video

28 Jun

Magic Island (TM8) release celebration video for SITS:Vision 8.6.1

Programmers and the Automated Build: A story of break-ups and love

18 Apr

If you are a software developer and work with automated build, you must admit: you have already broken the build at least once in your life. This is not something to be proud of, surely, but you have to keep in mind that breaking the build is crucial for your moral constitution. You certantly are a different person after breaking the build – at least more careful and attentive.

But if you are not a developer or have just started working with it, this post will try to explain you – through images – what is the sensation:

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Monthly update… Bazinga

6 Mar


Hello everyone!

February was hot as hell here in Florianópolis. High temperatures, sudden storms, carnival. Carnival?! Yeah, Carnival! (Ok, I don’t like Carnival!).

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Monthly update… Bamamaha

15 Feb



Summer has come and brought with it a new area of the system for our heroes to work on. Pair programming, they managed to deliver a very important story to improve the system they develop even more.

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