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First Code Kata

28 Jan
Last friday we had our first Code Kata in the office. The theme was about how to create a Tick Tack Toe using any language or approach.

Brazilian office video

18 Jan


Boa viagem, Steve!

11 Oct

After a successful week in the Brazilian office, it was finally time to say goodbye to Steve Kierney, Tribal Development and Support Lead. Steve’s visit was an opportunity for him to get to know the developers and spend some time in the new Florianopolis branch.

Before leaving he thanked the team for their kind hospitality and wished them well for the future, which he believes will be bright. “I’ve had a lovely time on this wee island. The weather has been fantastic and I`ve enjoyed the Brazilian scenery. The people are friendly. My only regret is eating a chicken heart. It was awful.”

An i-pad was raffled (and won by Douglas) with the proceeds going to the Tribal Foundation.

One for the road

Farmer wins i-pad

Breaking News! Blog goes public!

15 Jun

Today was the launch of the Tribalingua blog. Cristiana and Bruna presented the new site to the teams who were clearly impressed with their efforts. The teams browsed the articles, voted in the poll and decided the blog would be a great way to let colleagues in the UK see a little more of Brazil.

Nice one!

Daniel presents perfect

15 Jun

Charpenings’ member Daniel Oliveira thrived under the spotlights last night as he gave his latest presentation in Florianopolis, Brazil.

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Welcome, James!

12 Jun

Being thrown into another culture can be a scary thing: weird language, strange people, too much sun and crazy menus…

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