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Radio googoo, Radio gaga… help us!

21 Feb


Our Sheffield colleagues need some help in finding radio stations here in Brazil to help them improve their Portuguese listening skills.

“It would help us so much and is probably a great way to learn about Brazilian culture and music. I especially love Xuxa and Calipso.” says Chris Hemmings.

Tracey Wilson added, “We probably need to listen to the radio a bit more. We can listen at work. I love Sepultura and Bonde do Tigrao…”


So, can you help them? Do you know any good radio links? If you have any suggestions, please paste the link here and the best suggestion will win a bottle of English beer. Cold.



Oi! Tudo bem?

15 Jan



The international testing team, based in Sheffield, started their Portuguese language classes this week. Despite the fact they have little or no recent experience of foreign language learning, they appear to be enjoying their classes with Tribalingua.

In an exclusive interview Chris Hemmings, 26, said “oi… tudo bem… its fantastico!… tchau!”

Lessons take place online, conveniently, whilst they are sat at their desks in sunny Yorkshire and with their teacher in Brazil.

Charpenings go global!

18 Jul

The Charpenings team made a historic leap forward this week in terms of international agile diplomacy. Bruno, Danillo and Daniel were joined in the blogosphere by Alastair Bell and Helen Wilson and their fantastic new site http://charpeningsuk.wordpress.com/

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A few pictures from the Sheffield office

19 Jun

I’ve been visiting today the big Sheffield office where the main EBS development teams are based. I met all development teams, support analysts, solution leads and business analysts. It has a very friendly atmosphere and they’re all very keen to start working with the Brazilian teams.

A few pictures from the office:


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