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Magic Island release video

28 Jun

Magic Island (TM8) release celebration video for SITS:Vision 8.6.1


Breaking News! Blog goes public!

15 Jun

Today was the launch of the Tribalingua blog. Cristiana and Bruna presented the new site to the teams who were clearly impressed with their efforts. The teams browsed the articles, voted in the poll and decided the blog would be a great way to let colleagues in the UK see a little more of Brazil.

Nice one!

Team Mascots!

15 Jun

Latest photos of the team mascots were released this morning. Each team has carefully selected an object of sentimental value to represent the group.

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Exclusive! New Team Photos!

13 Jun




Magic Island

The latest official team photos of Magic Island, Charpenings, Bamamaha and Highlander were released this morning…

All Together Now

13 Jun

The team were together for a rare photo opportunity.

Enrique and Robson were saying goodbye; they went to UK for a couple of months training.

Good luck, fellas!

Welcome, James!

12 Jun

Being thrown into another culture can be a scary thing: weird language, strange people, too much sun and crazy menus…

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