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Tips4Hackers: Faster ways to restart IIS

15 Mar

Tired of waiting for IISReset to finish? Do you wish it would take 1 second instead of twenty?Fast!

While developing for the Web, you may have to run IISReset.exe many times a day, to recycle the aspnet process, clear caches etc. And the thing is slow…so slow, in fact, that there are rumors that Jon, Diogo and the gang managed to play a whole game of Carcassonne in between resets.

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First Code Kata

28 Jan
Last friday we had our first Code Kata in the office. The theme was about how to create a Tick Tack Toe using any language or approach.

Tips4Hackers: From delegates to lambda expressions

13 Dec

Hey, long time no see! 🙂 In today’s article, let’s talk about one of the coolest features in C#, introduced in the version 3.0 of the language, which is lambda functions, also known (by language designers at least) as arrow functions. But, instead of jumping straight into it, let’s take an historical approach, showing how the functionality provided by lambda functions existed way before its introduction in the language.


Ready? 🙂

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Tips4Hackers: Tracepoints, a great way to debug code in Visual Studio

17 Oct

Everyone knows and loves breakpoints, which lets you stop the execution of code on a given point and then see what is going on. What if you want to count how many times a given function was called? You would probably put a breakpoint there, and count how many times the breakpoint was hit, right? Cool, but there is a much faster way, which you probably never heard of, using Tracepoints. Got your attention already? So read on!

Dick Tracy...points?

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Tips4Hackers: Code smells

20 Sep

Hi again!

Have you ever seen some code that just doesn’t look right, even when you can’t really point at what is bothering you? It is probably a code smell. What is a code smell, and what can you do about it? Read On!

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Tips4Hackers: best ways to throw exceptions in .NET (if you must)

6 Sep

Do you know the difference between throw, throw ex and throw new Exception(), and how that impacts the information which is sent to the error log? Read on!

Throwing flowers, by Banksy

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Tips4Hackers: some good podcasts to help us practice English

29 Aug

One of the best ways to improve our English skills is to listen to podcasts while driving, jogging etc. Read on for a list of nice technical podcasts, and add your own podcast tips in the comments section!

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