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Brazil through gringo-eyes: Barbarian Breakfast

19 Sep


by Kristof

Greetings, my fellow Bravians! It’s time for another look at how a crazy gringo sees this beautiful country. In this chapter, I’d like to tell you about the trip I took, along with my wife and in-laws, to the interior of Santa-Catarina.

At the time, I hadn’t seen much outside of Florianópolis yet, so I was pretty excited to broaden my horizons. Our first destination was Rancho Queimado, about 80 kilometers from Florianópolis. We set off with the sun shining bright. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. As we left the metropolitan and suburban areas, the landscape started to change. Grey apartment buildings, houses and shops were replaced by rolling hills covered with trees, fields and even the occasional group of cows.

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Rafa’s Adventures Part 2 – Camel Beer

17 Jul

Rafael Demenech

by Rafa

A great experience in my life was when I went to Morocco and visited some places there. I will tell you some amazing, crazy and awesome things about those days there.

Who went on the trip?


Arthur, Murillo and Me of course!

What was the main reason to go there?

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Rafa’s Adventures – Part 1

17 Apr

Rafael Demenech

by Rafael

Do you like Pizza?

Today let’s talk about the job I had when I lived in Dublin, Ireland.

I was a Pizza Chef at Rays Pizzas.  I never thought that I would do something like this, but there were a lot of reasons to do so.

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Small London

16 Jul

Londrina is a city from Paraná state, in the south of Brazil. An interesting point is that the name came from the similarity between the city and foggy London.

It used to be known as the capital of the coffee bean. Nowadays, it is the second biggest city of Paraná state and is reknowned for its very fertile land.

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Big River City

3 Jul

Cassino’s Beach – Rio Grande

The legendary race between Portugal and Spain for the ownership of lands in southern Brazil led to the foundation of the oldest city of Rio Grande do Sul state, called Rio Grande city. It was founded in February, 1737, by José da Silva Paes Brigadier, when he led a Portuguese military expedition to assure the ownership of these lands.

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London Calling!

29 Jun

Last week, London welcomed two more Brazilian visitors… Enrique and Robson from the Florianopolis office…

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Happy Harbour – Porto Alegre

18 Jun

You should not expect breathtaking landscapes or wonderful relics. You should not expect a Disneyland or Louvre. Expect from Porto Alegre just what it is:  a Happy Port. “Porto Alegre is the one that has a nice way” – says the song about the city – and this is something you are not going to notice at first sight, but there are some delights to be discovered.

Usina do Gasometro – Power Plant

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